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  Sunset in Stockholm (Sweden) - photo: Laurenz Bobke


On these pages, you find pictures I have taken while travelling. The emphasis is on landscapes, nature, architecture and night photography. You will also find the occasional portrait.

To view the pictures, please select a continent and a country and then use the arrow buttons for navigation, - there usually is a short description, which is shown when you point the cursor at the image.

You are whole-heartedly invited to visit the shores of the Ganges river in India, take a cruise on the Yangtze river, see the Cape in South Africa, the Chilean Atacama desert, Ayers Rock in Australia or the green island of Madeira .
Some of my latest travels took me to Poland, Japan , Switzerland and Southern Germany .

Setting up the galleries is quite time-consuming, so, this is just a small selection of the thousands of slides and digital images I have taken over the years.
If you want to always see the newest pictures uploaded, - I now have added the "a photo log" which is updated quite frequently (except for the times when I am travelling, taking new pictures...).
There are some galleries with individual pictures from other places for which I do not yet have created the fitting country gallery. A glimpse of what is to come...

This site also includes a Guest gallery displaying the works of other photographers. Highly recommended!
Currently, you will find there photos from Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, England, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, the Kalahari, Laos, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Tibet, the United States and Vietnam. Galleries covering new destinations are being added constantly.

I hope you like my photo-album. If you do, don't forget to come back from time to time: I regularly add new pictures, especially in my photo-log. In any case, I'd be happy to receive your comments - just fill out the feedback form. You can also write a short message into my guestbook.
But maybe you are yourself addicted to travel photography? In this case you should try the Flickr Travel Photography Group, where almost 10000 members discuss everything related to travelling with a camera.
In the link section of this site, you find other travel photo galleries, general photography sites, and useful travel information
Also, I now have added some personal photo tips.

If you have a cellphone, maybe you are interested in my mobile galleries optimised for small displays? Here I'm especially interested in your feedback: this feature is still experimental and my only way of checking is my own Nokia N95...



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